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Is motorcycling for me?

The Basic RiderCourse is a novice rider course offering anyone the opportunity to learn to ride a motorcycle. It begins with the basic control of a motorcycle and then later progresses to more complex riding skills: braking safely, cornering, and swerving. As a new rider in the BRC you will have opportunities to develop your riding abilities.

Things to consider about motorcycling or scootering:

There are many reasons to ride. Motorcycles are as much fun as they are fuel efficient. They make your commute more enjoyable. There is something about the way motorcycles hug the curves, bolt up the long inclines that cars struggle to climb, and rumble through tunnels and under overpasses. Along with the feeling of freedom when you ride these characteristics make motorcycles almost universally appealing.

Riders are as varied as are the types of people in the melting pot that we call the U.S.A. The men and women in our motorcycling community represent every ethnic group, age group, and socio-economic class in the country. While the stereotypical leather wearing, bearded rider lingers on like an eccentric old aunt, you’ll note that lately there are as many kinds of bikes out there as people who ride them: White-collar prosperous business people on BMWs (with GPS of course), college kids on Ninja 250s, recumbent-bicycle scientific types on highly fuel-efficient scooters, dashing Hollywood look-alikes on high-performance sportbikes. Like so many things, the more you look at motorcycles, the more you find out there’s a lot more to learn. And when you start thinking and talking about motorcycles you’ll be surprised how many people ride.

However there are many reasons not to ride. There is more risk associated with motorcycling. The weather is more of a factor and motorcycle riders require additional skills for control. Above all you must have the desire and motivation to choose to reduce your risk while riding.

What style of bike are you interested in? You have cruisers, sport, sport touring, touring, standard, off-road, dual-sport.

To learn more call or schedule Online today for one of our Basic RiderCourse class.